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Tent Hire

We currently have three tents; a stretch tent, a rustic traditional marquee and a tipi. All our tents are beautifully versatile for a wide variety of different functions such as a bar, cafe, VIP seating area, chef demo space or a canopy for a stage and dance floor. Rest assured, if the heavens do open you have a sheltered space to weather proof your event. Plus, we offer decor if you wish to add a bit of flare to your event. Scroll below for a description of each tent along with gallery photos. Additionally, we have all in one stage package which includes canopy, podium and AV. If you have a query that is not covered in our FAQs at the bottom of the page, then please get in touch with the team who will happily oblige. 


Stretch Tent 

The dimensions of our stretch tent are 14m x 16m canvas (15m x 17m including guide ropes). It seats 100 or 300 standing. There are two main king poles made from truss that hold up the roof with 20 outer rustic wooden poles as shown in the images below.

Decor and add-ons: Rainbow spectrum of colours are available to hang from the ceiling of the tent, along with covering the king poles. Guides ropes can be decorated in blue and purple ribbon. The tent can also come plain for you to decorate as you may.























Our tipi is 8m in diameter, with room for 30 seated or 50 standing and sure is it cosy! The frame is built from 9 king poles that interlock at the top with a canvas fastened over.


Decor and add ons: Warm festoon lighting and a fire pit available. Bohemian decor (rugs, dream catchers, totem pole). Bar worktop (barrels, oak bar front, vintage tea crates).













Rustic Traditional Marquee 

Our shabby chic marquee is perfect for those after a more rustic and authentic feel. It is 12m x 12m in size with space for 75 seated or 200 standing inside.

Decor and add ons: Warm festoon lighting along with bohemian decor (rugs, dream catchers, bunting) and coconut matting.













Entertainment Stage Package (canopy, podium, AV)


This unique all in one stage package includes canopy, podium and AV to create an immersive entertainment space. 


This setup provides a 14m x 16m stretch tent that houses a raised podium that can be built up to 6m (W) x 4m (D) x 0.5m (H). This includes our state of the art HK projection sound system (6 subs and two monitors) along with a mixer and a sound technician. Multi-coloured lighting bars can illuminate the stage with warm festoon lighting for the perimeter of the tent. As always decor is available as seen in the images below.

























What installation considerations are there?


Our tents are delivered by tow on a long wheel base trailer that requires access to the site.


To install the tents we need a flat grass surface to peg into.

The tents guide ropes or poles require large stakes to hold them fast to the ground; gas and water pipes must be clear from under the site.


Does it come with decor?


Yes we have a range of colourful ribbons and bohemian decor for added flare!

What are the delivery costs?

We charge £0.50 for every mile from our HQ based in Pulborough, Sussex


Do you arrange a site visit?

If your venue is somewhere we've not set-up at before we'd be glad to arrange a site visit ahead of your event to check that all considerations have been made. Alternatively, site photographs can be emailed to the team to assess the suitability of the venue.

How long does it take to setup? 

We allocate one day for setup, depending on the need for additional items that may take time to install. The team endeavours to complete install in one day where possible, but advisories will be given where more time seems likely to be required.

How long can we keep it?


Usual hire would begin with install 1 or 2 days ahead of your event, with de-rig and collection the day after. We are always happy to discuss extended hire periods if required.

What added extras are there?

Additionally we offer coconut matting, decor, festoon lighting and coloured up-lighters as well as bar and cafe options listed under the "catering" tab.

Is the stretch tent waterproof and windproof?

Yes our stretch tent is waterproof and can withstand high winds. Our team will keep an eager eye on the weather forecast to insure we are prepared for you event.

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